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Have you ever been the “new kid” at your school? Can you say... SCARY?! Well, you can relate to Jasmine Jones! She is a 3rd grader that is extremely nervous about transferring to a new school. She just knows this will be the worst day ever! However, as the day goes by she realizes that each friend she meets shares a common interest with her. This makes her first day experience better than she expected!

Goodbye Butterflies

A Story About Overcoming Fear and Making New Friends

Author, Gerzalle A. Blanks

Gerzalle Blanks, M. Ed, is a mother, educator, and mentor. She enjoys writing children’s books that tell the story through the eyes of the child. As an educator for over eight years, her students have inspired many story ideas that she is excited to bring to life for your enjoyment.

eBook, Paperback & Hardcover


New Orleans, Louisiana  

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